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☆ of ☆ of ☆ of ☆ of Milanese holiday hotel second

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Hotel introduction

Hotel of Hangzhou Milan holiday reposes at Hangzhou road of the most flourishing Yan'an of commercial gold center, the light that be apart from water billows, hill color is empty dim Xi Zihu only 100 meters Yao, it is the business affairs that the collect travel that by the country level of fast star grade builds one, sightseeing, business affairs, meal, accommodation is an organic whole hotel. The hotel has the guest room of of all kinds and luxurious standard that accords with international level, inner room 98, guest room warmth, decorous, equipment complement is considerate and all ready, complete province uses German “ first times ” carries Hans on the head TV of the room of gush bibcock shower, air conditioning central, satellite, everything needed is ready, offer internet, can satisfy the requirement of different public figure.

* on the weekend time limits * on Friday - on Saturday

2003 practice

Hangzhou travel net wishs everybody travel is happy, happy. Hangzhou hotel is booked, unplug please dozen of 0571-87962488

Hotel facilities of short duration does not have a record
Characteristic service is met Wu service, order ticket, travel
Bath of recreational establishment sufficient bath, sauna, cask, massage
Road of Yan'an of situation Hangzhou city 346
Positional traffic is apart from a railway station 5 minutes to be apart from downtown 1 minute to be apart from exhibition center 8 minutes
Dining-room of meal establishment Bai Xidu
Area of scene of west lake of circumjacent tourist attraction, wu Shan square, fierce forest square