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Pacific Ocean cinema

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Pacific Ocean cinema is the famous cinema with a long history, only then built 1947, enjoy all the time in Hangzhou taller famous degree. The cinema is located in downtown to liberate a road, it is collect recreation, recreational, cate is the omnibus public place of entertainment of an organic whole, this courtyard transforms a respect to be on what save completely to take the lead in all the time in technical updating equipment position. Will roll out “ to exceed big screen ” again of late, the screen area that this Pacific Ocean cinema rolls out can amount to 200 square metre, nearly one times bigger than before, can says I am saved most. Exceed big screen to love what win an audience with open eye shot and higher definition.

Big / small office: ?04 of Qiong  post an ancient drinking vessel) , small office (80) , stereo kinescope hall (148)

The seat is comfortable degree: ?

Accessary establishment: Hall of ”KTV of chameleon of?ldquo; of Hu Yun Qian, game

Seating: Cloth?032

Environment: Does the egg of withered of star of  of qualitative star  of peach of ι of ancient wine vessel cast betray of balance of   fat?

Contain a number: 1032 people

Address: Hangzhou city liberates a road 119

Phone: 87029450

Business hours: 9:00-23:30

Public transportation: 55-251-301-335

The price: 20 yuan