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Hangzhou honest installs tea of tribute of turtledove hole chiliad today " renas

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It is season of new tea exploitation, the place that honest brings a pit calling turtledove becomes the place of tea business contend again.
Turtledove hole has a ” of king of “ tea tree, this tea tree of many years old 160 grows in altitude area of more than meters 800 high mountain tea, bulk of crown of a tree 30 more than stere.

On the history, the tea of turtledove hole also has name very much all the time. Tea of real estate of “ turtledove hole, with its water steam, lubricious fragrance all attain excellent place ” , this is yuan of generation " write thing article newly kind get together whole book of brush and ink " the poem in.

Turtledove hole produces the well-known tea such as bud of jade of leaf of jade of Mao Jian, 1000 islands, green brook. Among them, most outstanding is needle of turtledove hole wool and leaf of 1000 islands jade. Pointed appearance of turtledove hole wool tightens a knot, large Zhuang Ting is straight, colour and lustre is pale green, bai Hao is shown. Stout and strong of the bud-leaf after strong bubble, big and tall, clear and complete, olivine of colour and lustre is bright, silver-colored fine long hair grows and show especially, tea flavor is aromatic and contain ripe chestnut sweet, flavor delicacy is thick.

This year, 100 grams collect the “ from tea tree king ” of leaf of 1000 islands jade is patted with 25000 yuan price.

2007 1000 islands of first “ on section of well-known tea of Yu Xie ” and forum of height of ” of brigade of tea of international of “ of 1000 islands lake, 100 grams collect the “ from king of this tea tree ” of leaf of 1000 islands jade is patted with 22000 yuan high price.

According to tea emperor Liu Yu is in our country the first monograph " tea classics " and " annals of strict state seat of government " account, turtledove hole tea is in early Tang Chao already made tribute tea namely. Abroad is sold as far as to between Qing Chaonian, extremely negative great reputation.

Chiliad Gong Chayuan crosses the seas and oceans

Turtledove hole tea is planted is our country the national level tea tree that first announcing is thoroughbred, also be up to now what domestic only uses kind of seed to sow directly is thoroughbred. Current, turtledove hole is planted formerly tea is cultivated enclothe a face to hold the proportion of 90% in Chun Anben county not only, and tea is produced to save city to cultivate this tea almost each downstream in the Yangtse River, it is the n/COL the head of a family breed that Zhejiang saves more, occupy 80% of the left and right sides cultivate scale, the gross area that complete province grows this tea is close already 1 million mus.

Meanwhile, turtledove hole is planted formerly tea returns a pace to go abroad the door, wave ocean crosses the sea, wait for national settle to the Kenya of Russia and Africa.

At present is spring tea is spat green when, the tea grower of countryside of hole of turtledove of Chun An county is having again in this spring expect particularly. Be in not long ago, formulate of bureau of Hangzhou city agriculture " promotion of industry of tea of turtledove hole countryside implements plan 3 years " , to produce advantage of resource of product of tradition of turtledove hole country, accelerate tea grower of turtledove hole countryside add stop pace.