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Hangzhou is about to add ginkgo lotus to cultivate city flower for city

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Both sides of a few road plants Hangzhou had ginkgo tree. Reporter Luo Xiaolei is photographed

On September 1 report 25 years ago, through masses appraise sth through discussion of voting, expert, members of standing committee of 6 National People's Congress

Bureau of article of Hangzhou city garden says to this answer: "Because add city to establish town,the flower involves an area wide, still need to seek an opinion with all possible means. Next, will seek the gardens expert, opinion that protects green emissary and citizen delegate, submit to next municipal government research. Submit to next municipal government research..

  Heavy snow of the beginning of the year lets doubt of defect of body of sweet camphor tree

Bureau of cultural relic of Hangzhou city park put forward judge to cultivate content to whether regard city tree city as beautiful standard aptly: Emperor steals weed ah  phenol has characteristic culture intention by? , for; of love to see and hear of broad citizen masses 2 it is actual use extensive, popularize easily, have taller society, environment and economic benefits.

Because sweet camphor tree and sweet-scented osmanthus advantage are clear,the likelihood is, they are in 140 many establish of countrywide city tree city also is quite welcome in beautiful city.

The reporter searchs for discovery, completely state-owned wait for 29 cities to regard city as the tree sweet camphor tree without stannum, Changsha, justice black, Long Yan. Chinese rose, cuckoo, sweet-scented osmanthus became before Chinese city town is spent 3 shell, among them 11 cities such as Suzhou, Guilin, Fuzhou label sweet-scented osmanthus city flower.

The scholar thinks, on one hand, the " welcome " of sweet camphor tree, sweet-scented osmanthus can see them really the city tree city that “ has capital ” to become Hangzhou spends; but on the other hand, the delegate that serves as Hangzhou with such breed is not quite outstanding, cannot let a person shine at the moment.

Additional, this year the beginning of the year that infrequent heavy snow, also make Hangzhou sweet camphor tree confronts disaster difficult. Because camphor branch natural disposition is more fragile, the leaf is flourish, very carrying capacity, it is the easiest one of breed that are crushed by snow. At that time, heavy snow brings about Hangzhou many 40 thousand sweet camphor tree has disabled half, break branch broken end.

After this, doubt sound is following one by one. Somebody is to put forward more: Coronal of “ sweet camphor big, woodiness is soft, the ability that fight calamity is poor, should change entirely.

  Expert: Epiphysis of Xing thanking ㄊ sifts Yong Xin Jie