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Island of Zhu Jiajian, peach blossom swims 2 days

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The price: Economy: 560 yuan / the person is luxurious model: Person of? of ㄔ of cook a meal

Come loose to go to the lavatory the guest signs up, we are OK the phone signs up, come to receive a visitor, the car pays fee on

Travel course introduces in detail medicinal powder the guest spells a group, one person also sends a group, have a group everyday!

The golden week: 650 yuan / person
Tourism travel:
D1: Hangzhou urban district 7: 00 the left and right sides comes to receive, go to gather of Wu Shan square to set out, come by air conditioning trailer coach ferry of car of white peak dock reachs Ning Bo dock of hill of boat hill duck's egg, the door that go to Shenyang transfers Zhu Jiajian, visit Nasha afternoon bathing place (entrance ticket provides for oneself) .
Door staying in Shenyang or Zhu Jiajian
D2: Mosquito craft goes to peach blossom island, area of scene of peak of You An period, shoot city of vulture movie and TV, mosquito craft returns Shenyang door afternoon, transfer a Hangzhou, whole journey travel ends
Service standard: Danger of responsibility of room of room of traffic of area of ticket of gate of tourist attraction of travel of air conditioning trailer coach, whole journey, scene, standard, roundtrip mosquito craft, travel, excellent guidebook serves
Quote: 560 yuan / person (food expenses, telpher provide for oneself) children: 180 yuan / person (expenses of entrance ticket, food, accommodation all provides for oneself)

1, good id card is carried please before setting out. Expenses of whole journey food provides for oneself, occurrence single room is poor, the guest provides for oneself.
2, above journey is OK crossing-over, but do not reduce a tourist attraction, if cannot defy a factor because of manpower (wait like typhoon, earthquake) the route that create more change, according to travel rules, travel agent is in charge of retreating entrance ticket balance only, do not assume the loss that causes from this and responsibility.
3, child (1.1- - 1.3 meters) the old liaison man that contains Hangzhou to go back and forth between Shenyang door expends 180 yuan / above of person.1.4 rice contains 1.3 meters to collect fees by the adult.

Home Zhu needle is boat hill archipelago the 5th big island, be located in boat hill island east, 2.5 kilometers of hill of northing general Tuo, with Shenyang door half litres of hole is removed 1 kilometer. The island shows “T” glyph, north is wide, the south is narrow, complete island area makes an appointment with 72 square kilometer, be equivalent to 5 times of general Tuo hill. Hill of the Qin Dynasty of horse of Zhu Jiajian ancient name, tang Shi calls a bank hill, song Shi because sanded stretch in an unbroken chain of northeast bank gold, friend calls north Sha Shan again. Avalokitesvara says Buddha crosses island, blessing to promote island, Fu Xinshan again in story legend. Axiomatic face only then just see have name of ” of “ Zhu Jiajian. Folklore, because insular the eastpart part has a high mountain, mountain peak is forceful and grand, weigh big hill, in those days house of half way up the mountain of big hill north has family of bright red surname, reason place dweller call this“” of Zhu Jiada hill, the island gets a name from this then. Clear writer wishs heart wind " inscribe Zhu Jiajian " Shi Yun: “ says Zhu Jia where up to now, remnant has hill pointed water one limit. Beautiful cut build a summit alone beautiful, pan Teng is about to accompany rosy clouds continuously. Beauty spot of ” Zhu Jiajian with be good at of island nature scene, basically include bay of city of 10 lis of Jin Sha, Bai Shan, camphor tree, big green hill 4 beauty spot, it is main distinguishing feature with granite peak forest, grotto and beach, included fort of beacon of sunrise of lake of spring of beach of cliff of lofty mountains peak, seaside, grotto, cloud and mist, ancient temple, rub the numerous travel resource such as amorous feelings of home village or town of cliff carved stone, fishing. According to investigation, plan have gravel beach 2 place, beach 8 place, coastal burrow 18 place, strange peak 20 place, strange stone 100 more than place. Green hill spreads all over mountain stream, Qing Quan, beautiful cereal, flower, still have hill of be in harmony of …… of numerous cultural relic historic site, villatic mountain villa, sea, sanded nature landscape and humanitarian landscape are an organic whole.