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Black town swims one day

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The price: Economy: 90 yuan / the person is luxurious model: Person of? of ㄔ of cook a meal

Come loose to go to the lavatory the guest signs up, we are OK the phone signs up, come to receive a visitor, the car pays fee on

Travel course introduces in detail medicinal powder the guest spells a group, one person also sends a group, have a group everyday!


Tourism travel: In the morning 7: Urban district of 30 or so Hangzhou is received, the car goes to town of black of a region of rivers and lakes. You Gujing a street: Repair the shop of true view, traditional business, contradictory former residence, lane that acquire store, Yu Liu woodcarving of coin shop, Changjiang Delta displays mill of weaving of house, spinning to wait, travel of the mill of ancient stage, blue allover, hock that collect a source and residential area. The end is itinerary return Hangzhou to send a group

Service standard: Danger of responsibility of entrance ticket of path of air conditioning trailer coach, tourist attraction head, travel, excellent guidebook serves
Bay of academy of classical learning of visiting contradiction former residence, aspire, mammon, repair true path view, Changjiang Delta travel of the mill of shop of 100 beds house, folk-custom house, ancient stage, traditional business, blue allover, hock that collect a source and residential area.

Network preferential price: 90 yuan / person (food expenses provides for oneself) children: 60 yuan / person (expenses of entrance ticket, food provides for oneself)

Black town swims one day short message of 0571-87962488 of hot line signing up signs up: 13575784412

Connect a telephone call: 0571-87962488 0571-85639771 (24 hours serve)

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